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The People Behind Biome5

Penny van Oosterzee and Noel Preece have lived and worked in northern and central Australia for over 34 years, running several businesses and consulting to a diverse range of clients. We enjoy challenges and providing our clients and colleagues with fresh ideas and value for money. Our businesses have included ecotourism business Discovery Ecotours, which we sold in 2000, EcOz Environmental Services which we sold in 2006 and is still running strong, and Biocarbon which worked on regional carbon sequestration projects for Australia.

Meet Penny van Oosterzee

Penny holds a BSc and Master of Environmental Studies from Macquarie Uni, a PhD from Charles Darwin Uni, and is an Adjunct Associate Professor with James Cook University and a University Fellow with Charles Darwin University. Penny is a multi-award winning authorfor her books, which include
  • A Natural History and Field Guide to Australia's Top End. Penny van Oosterzee, Ian Morris, Di Lucas, Noel Preece (2014). Gecko Books, Marleston, South Australia.
  • The Discovery of the Hobbit: The Scientific Breakthrough that Changed the Face of Human History - Mike Moorwood & Penny van Oosterzee -2007 by Random House.
  • Dragon Bones: The Story of Peking Man - A story of the search for the roots of humanity set against the Chinese civil war. Allen & Unwin 1999.
  • Where worlds collide: The Wallace Line - The first definitive book on the biogeography and natural and cultural history of the Wallace Line concept, updating the original theories by Sir Alfred Russell Wallace. Commissioned by: Reed Books 1997. Eureka 97; Whitley ‘97
  • A Field Guide to Central Australia: A definitive guide to the natural and cultural values of central Australia, complementing The Centre: The natural history of Australia's Arid regions. Commissioned by: Reed Books, 1995
  • The Centre: The Natural History of Australia's Desert Regions Reed Books Eureka ‘91,
  • Exploring Nature in the Deserts. The Young Naturalist Series. Australian Museum / Reed Books, Sydney. Whitley 1991

Meet Noel Preece

Noel holds a BSc from Macquarie University, a Master of Science from University of Queensland and Northern Territory Uni in Zoology, and a PhD from Charles Darwin University in Ecology.
He is a Councillor on the Australian Ecosystem Science Council, and a Director of the Ecological Society of Australia.
He is a Member of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand, a Certified Environmental Practitioner, a member of the Society for Ecological Restoration, a Lead Environmental Auditor, an Adjunct Principal Research Fellow with James Cook University and University Fellow with CDU.
Noel has written and co-authored over 200 papers, reports and analyses, and several books, including the first Fire Management Manual for Central Australia.
Noel's on-going interests include the contributions of diseases to the declines and extinctions of Australian mammals and other fauna, modelling early growth of plantations, regional development and the sustainability of northern Australian enterprises and development, the biogeography of northern and central Australia, and the long-term future of biodiversity.
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